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Re: alternative_order and folder-hook

Jon Nathan wrote:
> I'm having a problem with alternative_order.  A mailing list that
> I subscribe to has the obnoxious habit of making the text/plain
> part of a message say "If you cannot read HTML email, please go to
> www.example.com."  I'd like to set a folder-hook so that when I go
> into this folder, the alternative_order will be reversed and the
> html part will be shown.

I think to do it this way you'll need to either patch mutt or grab
1.5.4 which has unalternative_order.  A patch for 1.4 was probably
posted here before.  If not, it isn't hard to backport it from 1.5.4.
I did this and I know next to nothing about C.

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