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[ga] "It is time for the industry to grow up." - Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign

"SiteFinder will come back," vowed Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign in an 
interview at the Red Herring Fall conference in Monterey,
California, although he did not give a specific relaunch date. "A group of 200 
technical zealots were against it and they got all
the headlines," said Mr. Sclavos. "Did they misinterpret it? Of course. We're 
not going to let this go."
"Mr. Sclavos took the opportunity to take a swipe at ICANN: "It is time for the 
industry to grow up. The Internet is the
infrastructure running the economy for the next three to four decades. We 
should not have ICANN volunteers running the policy of the
Internet naming scheme." He noted that he may be the only CEO in history to ask 
the federal government to regulate his industry
because federal regulation would trump ICANN's powers."

Jim Fleming