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[ga] Moreon ICANN Troubles At UN Summit On Internet - From Slashdot.

Paul and all former DNSO GA members or other Stakeholders/users,

  Paul, I am sorry you were not amused in your rejection from
the in question UN meeting [ See Slashdot comments below ].
But  Paul you really should be better in touch with the truth
about whom may attend ICANN meetings, as several have
blocked attendance and some were closed door to any and all
interested stakeholders/users...


  More on recent rift with ICANN and the UN/ITU...

  From Slashdot:
Internet Ninja writes "The UN/ITU-organized [0]World Summit on the
Information Society currently happening in Geneva, and in attendance is
Paul Twomey from [1]ICANN, who has been [2]ejected from a preparatory
meeting, along with all other non-governmental observers. Obviously
Twomey wasn't happy about that, saying: 'At ICANN, anybody can attend
meetings, appeal decisions or go to ombudsmen. And here I am outside a
meeting room where diplomats, most of whom know little about the
technical aspects, are deciding in a closed forum how 750 million people

should reach the Internet. I am not amused.'" We've [3]previously
reported on this meeting, which may help decide governance of the
Internet, albeit in the longer-term.

Discuss this story at:

    0. http://www.itu.int/wsis/
    1. http://www.icann.org/
    2. http://www.technewsworld.com/perl/story/32340.html
    3. http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/11/24/184207&tid=95


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