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[ga] Re: [Ecommerce] ICC Seeks U.N. Takeover While Excluding ICANN, U.S. Government from Meeting

John and all,

  I am not surprised to here of the unfortunate forcible removal of ICANN's
CEO Mr. Twomey's removal form this UN ICC meeting. As ICANN has
snubbed many stakeholder groups including ICC and INEGroup amongst
many others form it's terribly flawed "Reform" process started by the former
ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn, and finalized by Mr. Twomey.  The much discussed
and debated ICANN Cabel has led it to growing disdain on global

 However all this aside, it is also obvious that from earlier reports that the
US is not interested nor willing to consider a major Role of the UN or
any UN agency to play a significant management role for managing
the central aspects of the Internet, nor determine policy there unto

  ICANN was warned time and time again of the "error in its ways"
as far back as 1999, and either ignored such warnings unwisely
or did not have the intellectual capacity by which to address these
many and repeated warning adequately and as such has served
to divide stakeholders/users rather than act as a catalyst to
unite them...

john bolk wrote:

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> CircleID, Dec 09, 2003
> ICC Seeks U.N. Takeover While Excluding ICANN, U.S. Government from Meeting
> An organization which purports to be "the voice of world business" is 
> proposing a de facto U.N. takeover of ICANN. The proposal by a senior 
> official of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) would place ICANN 
> under the U.N. umbrella and give a strong role to U.N. agencies and to 
> various national governments, including those that suppress free speech and 
> free enterprise. In a move of breathtaking arrogance, the ICC refused to even 
> invite ICANN or U.S. government representatives to the meeting at which they 
> are presenting their proposal. As reported here by Jennifer Schenker:
> "Paul Twomey, the president of the Internet's semi-official governing body, 
> Icann, learned Friday night what it feels like to be an outsider. Mr. Twomey, 
> who had flown 20 hours from Vietnam to Geneva to observe a preparatory 
> meeting for this week's United Nations' conference on Internet issues, ended 
> up being escorted from the meeting room by guards. The officials running the 
> meeting had suddenly decided to exclude outside observers. Mr. Twomey's 
> ejection may underscore the resentment of many members of the international 
> community over the way the Internet is run and over United States ownership 
> of many important Internet resources. Although Mr. Twomey is Australian, 
> Icann - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - is a 
> powerful nonprofit group established by the United States government in 1998 
> to oversee various technical coordination issues for the global network. 
> Icann and the United States government are expected to come under heavy fire 
> at the confer!
ence, which
>  begins Wednesday in Geneva and will be one of the largest gatherings of 
> high-level government officials, business leaders and nonprofit organizations 
> to discuss the Internet's future."
> Any proposal or process for overhauling ICANN's governance that excludes key 
> stakeholders is a major step backwards for the goals of openness and 
> transparency. Furthermore, for a business group to propose giving a strong 
> role in managing the infrastructure of the international information economy 
> to the United Nations, an organization best known for unwieldily, costly, 
> ineffective, and unaccountable bureaucracies, is downright strange. 
> Corporations that contribute to the ICC may want to reconsider how best to 
> use their shareholder's resources.
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