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Re: [ga] "It is time for the industry to grow up." - Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign

Jim and all,

  I have to agree with Stratton here, even though Verisign is unpopular to
some/many stakeholders for various reasons...

Jim Fleming wrote:

> http://www.redherring.com/article.aspx?f=Articles/2003%2F12%2F14c9995f-5557-4dc4-ad48-4548360c2095%2F14c9995f-5557-4dc4-ad48-4548360
> c2095.xml&hed=SiteFinder%20will%20return,%20VeriSign%20CEO%20says
> ________________________________________
> "SiteFinder will come back," vowed Stratton Sclavos, CEO of VeriSign in an 
> interview at the Red Herring Fall conference in Monterey,
> California, although he did not give a specific relaunch date. "A group of 
> 200 technical zealots were against it and they got all
> the headlines," said Mr. Sclavos. "Did they misinterpret it? Of course. We're 
> not going to let this go."
> ...
> "Mr. Sclavos took the opportunity to take a swipe at ICANN: "It is time for 
> the industry to grow up. The Internet is the
> infrastructure running the economy for the next three to four decades. We 
> should not have ICANN volunteers running the policy of the
> Internet naming scheme." He noted that he may be the only CEO in history to 
> ask the federal government to regulate his industry
> because federal regulation would trump ICANN's powers."
> Jim Fleming
> http://www.IPv8.info

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