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Re: [ga] hello again - ICANN yet again failing...

Stephane and all former DNSO GA members or other interested former

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 02:44:58AM -0800,
>  Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
>  a message of 66 lines which said:
> > The ITU is a money grubbing hole in the globe that cannot seem to
> > even understand that english, not Portuguese is the international
> > language.
> You mean some people on the planet still does not speak english? How
> do they dare? Nobody instructed them?

 Unfortunately yes.  And just as unfortunate, some people do not
yet know or accept that english is the globally recognized international
language.  However the ITU knows, but refuses to recognize reality.
As such the ITU is behaving in a less than realistic way/manner..

> I sympathetize with you. I am currently in an asian country and
> yesterday evening, the driver of the taxi I took did not speak english
> at all! (Neither french, BTW.) What a shame for this country. (We'll
> keep it nameless.)

  It is a shame.  But not the norm thankfully...

> >   ICANN's, the ITU's and the WTO's central and remaining biggest
> > problem remains that they are Top-Down,
> Worse: ICANN presents texts in French and in Portuguese on its new Web
> site. It is the proof that they are actually a hidden subsidiary of
> ITU.

  Is this a question or a statement?  As there was no "?" I can only
assume and/or conclude that it is a statement.  If true, shame on ICANN...

However I do not believe it, even though many of the ICANN BoD
members past and present, including "Board Squatters" have eluded
and been more than a little supportive of the ITU model...

  In conclusion, I can appreciate you sophistry in your responses


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