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Re: [ga] ICANN Ombudsman??

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Sandy Harris wrote:

> > I find it interesting that he said folks can go to an ICANN ombudsman.

I found the ombudsman "reform" to be laughable.

Every one of ICANN's directors has the power to be an ombudsman - in fact
every one of ICANN's directors has not merely the irrevocable legal power,
but also the fiduciary obligation to inquire into the proper operation of
ICANN, the corporation.

Unfortunately ICANN's directors, by and large, have been inexcusably
passive with regard to their duties and to matters that protect the
interests of the community of internet users.

In any accountable organization, those for whose benefit the corporation
exists - in ICANN's case this is "the public" - would have the power to 
elect a new, responsive board.  A responsive board would obviate an 

ICANN's ombudsman is nothing but a fig leaf.  It goes along with ICANN's
other fig leaves - such as the fictional story that ICANN "oversees" the
net when in fact it has no power over IP address allocations or the stable
operation of any root server except IANA's.