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Announcing PAKCON II (2005)!

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                A-N-N-O-U-N-C-I-N-G  P-A-K-C-O-N -- II
              Pakistan's Underground Hacking Convention

[ +-THEME-+ ]

We are proud to present PAKCON II, an underground hacking convention
held annually in Pakistan.

In an age where information is treasure and the treasure house is the
virtual network, security is the first casualty. You are at risk if
your priorities falter. Face the threats, learn the defenses, try it
yourself and be safe. Pak Con lets you witness the virtual contest

[ +-SCENE-+ ]

PAKCON II has been planned with focus on introducing the importance of
security in enterprise-level computing and the latest trends in
fortifying enterprise networks against external and internal
threats. A hacking competition always takes place at PAKCON along with
a series of talks presented by renowned national and international
speakers at both amateur and advance levels.

[ +-PAKCON-+ ]

PAKCON is an underground hacking convention, the first initiative of
its kind in the history of the Pakistan IT scene. Pak Con is the
brainchild of a group of capable security professionals who have
employed their genius and aptitude to provide their extensive and
comprehensive experience of information security in the form of a
wide-ranging convention on information security. We at Pak Con aim to
highlight issues related to information security and the problems
faced by IT professionals. Our objective is to examine flaws with new
and current technologies, finding their solutions, covering unique and
interesting developments in all areas such as network security, system
security, application security, web security, database hacking,
trojans, worms, exploits, laws, privacy issues, wireless security,
firmware hacking, hardware hacking, embedded systems hacking, credit
card and financial instrument technologies, surveillance, honeypots,
honeynets, firewalls, IDS, information warfare, and similar fields.

Pak Con has been formed with a mission to bring Pakistan at par with
any developed nation of the world focusing on research and application
of computer security components. Pak Con is geared towards hackers,
programmers, phreaks, administrators, engineers, open source
advocates, military, reporters, and anyone interested in discovering
what's going on in the information security scene today.  This list
is, by no means intended to limit the enrollment of IT professionals;
we would also like to have the involvement of the business, legal and
allied sectors to participate in formulating effective cyber laws and
trade policies to make Pakistan's name synonymous with advanced
research in the IT world.

[ +-EVENT-+ ]

WHO:  If you know what you are doing with your computer, or if you
don't know and would like to know  more about what you can do with it,
then you are who we want to meet.

WHAT:  A convention where you can meet and party with security
professionals, consultants, hackers, phreakers, coders, virus writers,
and a whole bunch of freaks who know only how to party all night.

WHEN:  October, 2005

WHERE:  Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan

For complete up-to-the-minute information visit http://www.pakcon.org/


There will be a single track with 8 different talks, over 2 days
comprised of renowned information and computer security professionals.


There will be a single track with 2-4 different trainings, over 2 days
comprised of renowned information and computer security professionals.


Six teams will compete for twelve hours in a vulnerable
environment. Teams with offensive skills can win this game. They will
have to keep their systems operational to qualify, but 0wn their
opponents to score. Visit the website for more information regarding
this exciting event.


The goal for the teams/individuals will be to detect maximum number of
Wi-Fi wireless access points (AP) in a given area. They are welcome to
bring their wardriving equipment. Visit the website for more
information regarding this exciting event.


The teams/individuals will get a chance to show off their skills by
boosting up their Wi-Fi connection. The goal of this contest will be
to achieve the greatest connect distance between two 802.11b stations
through innovative engineering and antenna design. Visit the website
for more information regarding this exciting event.

[ +-PGP Keysigning-+ ]

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP
encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign
each others keys.  Key signing parties serve to extend the web of
trust to a great degree. Key signing parties also serve as great
opportunities to discuss the political and social issues surrounding
strong cryptography, individual liberties, individual sovereignty, and
even implementing encryption technologies or perhaps future work on
free encryption software.

[ +-GEEK PARTY-+ ]

We believe that geeks also deserve some fun.  In fact we are not geeks
but smart people who know what to do and how to do it and those who do
not label us as 'geeks'. So, despite the hectic schedule of two
activity-filled days, we will try to have a little time for ourselves
with music, traditional beverages and a casual environment to unwind
ourselves. This will be a strictly restricted event with only
invitational or pre-registered entry.

[ +-COST-+ ]

Cost schedule, mode of payment and transaction procedure for PAKCON II
has been put up on the website. All charges are in Pak Rupees. We will
not be accepting any personal checks for any event related charges.
Payments via cashiers checks or bank drafts are to be made in the name
of Pak Con.

People who do not have to pay are speakers, invitees, event staff, and

- -- 
Ayaz Ahmed Khan                                  http://pakcon.org/

   "It's sweet to be remembered, but it's often cheaper
                    to be forgotten."

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