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RE: [council] Update on teleconference to interview the candidate s for ICANN Board seat #14


With all due respect I would not advocate asking any of the questions below
because they are all complex ones which I am not comfortable of having
anyone sit on the board having preconceived answers.  Remember, ICANN Board
members are not supposed to be running on "platforms", but I believe are
there to be able to listen to all input and make informed decisions AFTER
having all input.  Electing someone to the Board that has definitive answers
to the questions you have raised would seem to me to be inconsistent with
what we are trying to accomplish.


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With respect to your proposed questions, I would strongly
prefer NOT to hear any of the candidates tell me about how
much "integrity, objectivity, ...intelligence...sound judgment 
and open minds, and demonstrated capacity for thoughtful group
decision-making" they have. I would rather judge that for
myself based on answers to substantive questions. 

Time will be short. Can we prepare more pointed and 
substantive questions? 

Here are my proposed questions:

1) Do you believe that the addition of TLDs to DNS by 
ICANN has been a) too fast, b) too slow, c) just about right?
Explain why.

2) Do you believe that the balance between accuracy and
privacy struck by the recent GNSO WHOIS report is about
right, or shows too little concern for privacy. Explain your position.

3) Does the current relationship between ICANN and the U.S. 
Department of Commerce need to change significantly and
quickly, or is it on the right track? More generally, how do you
conceive of the relationship between ICANN and governments?

4) How satisfied are you with the results of the governance changes
initiated by Stuart Lynn and implemented by the Evolution and
Reform Committee?