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RE: [council] Update on teleconference to interview the candidates for ICANN Board seat #14

The questions are simple, not complex. I hope you are not 
asking that my questions be censored; every member has
different ideas about what kinds of questions should be 
asked. Those are mine.

To clarify, I am not asking for "platforms," I am attempting to 
test how deeply they have thought about the issues they will 
face. If they have no concept of, e.g., WHOIS policy they 
don't belong on the Board. One of the problems with the Board 
that almost everyone familiar with ICANN has identified, including
the US Government, is that its members rely too heavily on staff 
guidance and do not serve an oversight function. 

>>> "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx> 03/10/03 01:23PM >>>

With all due respect I would not advocate asking any of the questions below
because they are all complex ones which I am not comfortable of having
anyone sit on the board having preconceived answers.  Remember, ICANN Board
members are not supposed to be running on "platforms", but I believe are
there to be able to listen to all input and make informed decisions AFTER
having all input.  Electing someone to the Board that has definitive answers
to the questions you have raised would seem to me to be inconsistent with
what we are trying to accomplish.