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[council] Ineligibility of Nominating Committee Members for Selection to Board, Etc.

To the GNSO Council,

At its meeting on 25 February 2003, the ICANN Board considered bylaws
amendments proposed by the Evolution and Reform Committee.  Although the
Board adopted all of the other revisions, it did not adopt Article VII,
Section 8, of the bylaws as proposed.  Article VII, Section 8 concerns
the ineligibility of Nominating Committee members to be selected for the
ICANN Board and other ICANN bodies for which the Nominating Committee
selects members.

At the last GNSO Council meeting, I explained that under the
then-proposed version of Article VII, Section 8, a Nominating Committee
member would be eligible for selection to the Board by another means
(e.g., the GNSO Council), even during that member's service on the
Nominating Committee.  At its 25 September 2003 meeting, the Board
instructed me to prepare a revised proposed version of Article VII,
Section 8 with a broader ineligibility.  I have posted that version at
If the Board ultimately adopts this version, Nominating Committee
members would not be eligible for selection **by any means** to the
Board (or other ICANN bodies) during that Nominating Committee's term.

The Board is scheduled to consider the amendment at its 10 March
meeting.  Comments on the proposal may be sent to me <touton@xxxxxxxxx>
or to the ERC's comment address <reform-comments@xxxxxxxxx>.

Best regards,

Louis Touton