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[council] gTLDs committee - BC and Non Coms analysis

I have tried to assemble the points of agreement and disagreement between the two papers distributed to date. I propose we use this analysis as the start point of our discussions on the call this week. Please let me know if anything needs changing. Where there is over-simplification for brevity - we can clarify on the call. 
Points of common ground between the BC and the NC on new gTLDs
- a demand-driven approach.
- a bottom-up approach with names proposed by the interested communities/registries to ICANN.
- names can be commercial or non-commercial as demand dictates.
- names assigned upon request of a technically qualified registry* (*BC would add a sponsor also).
- one registry can operate multiple domains.
- names in any language possible.
Points with a different approach:
NC - maximum 30 new names per year.
BC - no limit.
NC - sponsored and unsponsored OK.
BC - sponsored only.
NC - synchronous requests determined by auction.
BC - first come first served, nature of the sponsor may be deciding factor.
NC - names need not be distinct from one another.
BC - names have to be distinct from one another.
NC - registries must be linked to the name.
BC - registry need NOT be linked to only one name.
NC - any name OK.
BC - names must meet six principles.