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Re: [council] Updated list of questions for the candidates in the GNSO teleconference on 11 March

Dear Bruce,

Our constituency members requested to add up two more questions as follows. Could you include those?

1) In a traditional corporation, the Board is supposed to oversee the staff. In ICANN, the staff often oversees the Board. If you were a Board member, what efforts would you make to seek independent input (apart from Staff reports) for the decisions you were being asked to make?

2) What role do you think the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) plays in the ICANN process. Is it one of many inputs or is ICANN obliged to respond when WIPO tells it to do something?


Chun Eung Hwi

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:03:40 +1100, Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello All,

I have received further suggested questions from council members. Here is the current list of questions with slight modifications to the suggestions:

Question 1

(1) Please explain how you meet the selection criteria for ICANN Board directors:

Question 2

(2) Please explain how you as an ICANN Board member would assist ICANN to achieve it's Mission over the next 2 years, consistent with its core values.

Question 3

(3) Please identify any potential conflicts of interest (for example relationships with parties, such as registries and registrars, that are in contractual relationships with ICANN), and explain how you will deal with these conflicts in the course of your duties as an ICANN Board director.

Question 4

(4) What do you consider to be the three key priority areas for ICANN over the next 12 months?

Question 5

(5) To demonstrate your understanding of key issues before ICANN, please provide a short overview of the main community points of view on the following topics (e.g major arguments by different parties involved in ICANN):
- addition of new TLDs
- accuracy of WHOIS data, and privacy concerns regarding the display of WHOIS data - relationship of ICANN to Governments, particularly the US Dept of Commerce
- outcome of the reform process

Bruce Tonkin

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