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Re: viewing pdf jpgeg etc attachment

On 2007-09-26, Joseph <syscon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> [snip
> > > > 
> > > > Where does xpdf and kuickshow reside?  If you specify the
> > > > full path for each command in your mailcap, does that work?
> > > 
> > > /usr/bin/xpdf
> > > /usr/kde/3.5/bin/kuickshow
> > > 
> > > these file work from the command line, the same command line I'm
> > > starting mutt, so why isn't mutt recognizing them?
> > 
> > As Kyle tried to explain, the problem is not that mutt could not 
> > find the commands; the problem was that you were trying to have mutt 
> > read your mailcap file as a mutt configuration file.  Once you fix 
> > that problem, mutt should be able to find the viewers (xpdf and 
> > kuickshow) just fine.
> Yes, I removed mailcap created in .mutt directory
> > You are correct in assuming that if the viewers can be found from 
> > the shell's command line, and you execute mutt from that command 
> > line, then mutt should be able to find those viewers.

> But it doesn't find them.
> In order for example to view PDF files with "xpdf" application I have to
> add to ~/.mailcap:
> application/pdf;                 xpdf %s
> If I don't have this line in there mutt will open PDF file as a text
> file.
> Is there a way to automatically generate/update the "mailcap" file so it
> will automatically recognized all the extension type type I have
> associated with mine.type?
> Updating it manually might not be hard to do but it is time consuming
> and prone to errors.

What I meant was that since mutt sees the same PATH that its parent 
shell sees, mutt will be able to find any program in that PATH as 
well as the shell can.  For mutt to find the proper viewer for an 
attachment, other things have to be properly configured as well, 
namely, your mime.types and mailcap files.

There is no way to automatically generate a mailcap file.  That 
would require a database of associations between content types and 
viewers, which is what the mailcap file is.  You might be able to 
find an example mailcap file among the contributions and links at 
www.mutt.org.  Or you could Google for "mutt mailcap" (without the