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Re: mut-users in digest-foramt don't show all headers

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, mutt-users-digest@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Well, you can't really use that Subject: any more since you're looking at
> the individual message (or a likeness thereof).  Similarly, the From: is
> that of the message, too, so all of this is good.  You are right that
> lots of headers are missing, though.  That's the cost of a digest.

My opinion is that the mutt-users-digest is not set up very well. I am also
subscribed to the debian-user-list via digest and your you receive the
complete header for each mail in the digest.
The way the mutt-digest is working now I am not possible to write to you in
the correct way because the Message-ID and the reference-header is missing.

> That's the way a digest works; it does not try to send you an entire mbox
> in one shipping but instead just a summary of the traffic.

So a digest is an alternative way to get the emails from one mailing list in
one file at the end of a day ... but the mutt-digest is only a summary ...

> I'm sure you
> could do some scripting to rebuild headers,

No, that is not possible because important headers are simply missing

> but I personally would find
> it a lot easier to just have procmail properly sort the messages into the
> right folder in the first place.

so I think the digest should be added with all the email-header you need to
do a reply or even a list-reply.
I think this is simply an error in the digest-mode - so if not I have to
resubscribe to the normal traffic list again.

But thanx anyway


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