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[alac-forum] Verisign and Network Solutions -- crooks in cohoot

I just spent $150 to “retrieve” the domain name that (I thought) belonged to my company.


Our MISTAKE was to choose Network Solutions for registering this domain name.  We have around 200 total, so management is a problem for our SMALL IT department.


We WISELY registered most of these through GoDaddy.  But some holdovers, and those that Network Solutions simply refused to release, remain at NETSOL.


One of these expired in August.  No warning.  No notice.  The wrong email address for verification – their mistake, not ours.


And NEVER did Network Solutions ever warn that an expired domain name would be sent over to a profit center at its sister company, Verisign, so that we could be held hostage to pay $150 for the privilege of renewing our own domain name after NETSOL’s “generous” grace period of 30 days.  Do they advertise this when they initially seek your business and ask for you to use them as your registrar?  Of course not.  I’ve already confirmed that.


Again, lots of marketing and email to me to seek our business in other areas.  But NEVER an email about this renewal!   But, surprise – the SISTER COMPANY has my correct email address and sends me an email directly enough regarding getting the expired domain name out of Verisign purgatory – for $150. 


QUESTION 1:  If they had the wrong email address associated with the domain name (this is their explanation for why I did not receive the reminders), how in the world did Verisign associate this expired domain name with the CORRECT email address and succeed in reaching me about “retreivel”?  Why did NETSOL not use this CORRECT address to warn me about their own brand of domain name purgatory in advance of expiration?    Why indeed!


QUESTION 2:  Is there NO END to how Verisign will use its authority and Network Solutions its registrar position to con, disrupt, mislead, misrepresent, overcharge and under serve the poor, unwary individuals who think that the price difference of $35 for registration (NETSOL) and $9.95 (GoDaddy) has any relationship at all to a higher level of service or protection from abuse? 


To the contrary – NETSOL and Verisign are clearly in cahoots to squeeze every misrepresented dollar they can out of domain name owners.  And the salt in the wound is that they use OUR OWN PROPERTY to do this, with apparently no regard or conscience for the trust we place in them by using NETSOL as our registrar.


Where do I carry this complaint next?  (NOT NETSOL, because they don’t take complaints over the phone – just orders where payment of money is involved).  


Department of Commerce?  Federal Trade Commission?  At what point does this so clearly become a deceptive trade practice that our rights will be protected?


James E. Giles