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{FYI] What The World Needs Is More Lawer-Bots

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~      Mark Rasch, founder and former head of the U.S. Justice Department's
computer crimes unit, says that the increasing trend toward lengthy,
tiny-font policy "agreements" that users must click on before they can
access a Web site are generating the need for more legal oversight.
"Increasingly, companies have been putting some pretty nasty things into
their clickwrap agreements -- such as that they can collect and sell your
detailed personal information or install software that will capture your
every keystroke? This is not legal boilerplate, the kind that everybody
assents to when renting a car or buying a ticket to a ball game. It affects
the privacy, security, and operability of all of the information you access
online." Rasch says what's desperately needed is a law robot -- "a
browser-based automaton that could be adjusted to match your tolerance for
legal mumbo-jumbo? Once you establish privacy settings, your browser would
transfer personal data (after prompting you) only to sites that conform
with your privacy requirements." Rasch says such technology would go a long
way toward eradicating such online nuisances as porn spam and spyware. "We
will never fully automate the reading of contracts or agreements online.
Nor would we want to -- after all, Internet lawyers need jobs, too. But by
automating the vetting of clickwraps or implied agreements we could make
everybody sleep a little easier."

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