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[fwd] [EDRi-members] DRM Hearing an outrage (from: ad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:37:38 +0200
Subject: [EDRi-members] DRM Hearing an outrage
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Sorry for crossposting this on the edri-members and edri-ip lists, but 
this concerns as well edri as an organisation as possibly those people 
on the edri-ip list who are not EDRi members.
I went to the Commission Contact Committee Consultation on DRM 
yesterday, and the way it went was scandalous: They put the most 
interesting an most important topic - "Developments in case law as well 
as relevant economic, social or cultural or technological developments" 
- on the agenda as the very last point, and then they simply dropped 
this issue, because they had not enforced their own speaking time 
limitations before that. this led to the majority of civil society / 
user / consumer advocates present, who had all enlisted for this one 
topic, not speaking at all.
All the same the day was filled with lengthy statements, mainly by 
industry lobbyists, who gave 15-minute-long Powerpoint presentations on 
the advantages of their companies' DRM solutions, as well as with 
collecting societies' lawyers praising their countries approach to 
renumeration and levies as being the most balanced, democratic, 
artist-friendly and unbureaucratic. There were only about five people 
representing people - as opposed to companies, states and state agencies 
- in the room, and only two of us - Cornelia Kutterer of BEUC and I - 
got to speak. Both Cornelia and I and a couple of others had put their 
names on the list for the "case law / economic / social / cultural / 
technological" slot, but none of us got to speak on this issue.
I will prepare a draft press release along the lines of "DRM: Commission 
not interested in Civil Society's position", and would suggest to go 
much more public on the DRM issue within the next months, to organise 
street rallys when hearings take place, to urge people to get listed 
when hearings and workshop will take place (the next such event already 
being mid-November, if I am not mistaken).
Please tell me what you think.
BTW: Today is another Day of Contact Committee Hearings, but today it 
will be industry, collecting societies, member states' representatives 
and Commission staff only, without any civil society advocates allowed. 
it was already quite hard for us to get into yesterday's meeting.

Programme of the Consultation: 
www.edri.org/files/internal/EC_DRM_041012.pdf (±350 kB)

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