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RE: [council] Revised GNSO Council Transition Implementation Plan and Timetable Documents

Title: Revised GNSO Council Transition Implementation Plan and Timetable Documents
As Avri has already pointed out, I think we need to discuss the details of end of terms as described in Rob's document.  I am not convinced that ending all terms on 23 October is the best way to go.  I hope we can dicuss this and possibly reach some consensus in the Council meeting on 3 September.

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Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 11:05 PM
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Subject: [council] Revised GNSO Council Transition Implementation Plan and Timetable Documents

Dear Council Members;
At Chuck’s suggestion, to facilitate discussion at the 3 September Council meeting I am circulating to you updated copies of the draft GNSO Council Restructure Draft Implementation Plan (v3) and the GNSO Council Restructure Draft Timetable (v3). You’ll recall I circulated previous document versions on 10 August (v1 of the draft Plan and Timetable) and 15 August (v2 of the draft Plan).  The documents were also noted during the 13 August Council meeting. I am hopeful that you will set side time for a discussion of the documents at your meeting next week.
There are a number of significant transition matters included in the draft documents that need your review and community agreement. They include (1) the timing of the Council Chair and Vice Chair elections – and how that timing impacts a smooth transition in Seoul; (2) the timing of the present Council member terms – when they officially expire and when the new terms begin; and potentially (3) the assignment mechanisms for the three Nominating Committee Appointees into their respective slots on the Council (I am hopeful that we will have more information on the necessity of that topic in time for the meeting).
To make sure that everything is proceeding smoothly, it would also be extremely helpful for representatives of the various GNSO structures (Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies) to provide some basic update information to the Council (verbally at the meeting or before in writing) on (1) the progress they are making to establish their Executive Committees; and (2) their plans for their Council representative (s)elections (see draft Timetable document).  On that last item, Kristina has provided some very helpful clarification information regarding her term and just today Tony Holmes provided a helpful update regarding Greg Ruth’s seat and Maggie Mansourkia’s new Council member status.
As I mentioned in my previous emails (copies also attached), these documents are intended to spark discussion. They are Staff suggestions based on the now Board-ratified Bylaws and other recent discussions of the Council and the Restructure Drafting Team. The Council is obviously free to edit, modify or otherwise complete replace the drafts with new plan documents.  The only strong recommendation is that the Council agree on its plan by the 24 September meeting so that the community has a complete picture on what is expected to happen in Seoul.
I am happy to try and answer any questions regarding the drafts between now and the meeting.  An email dialogue during the coming week may make any meeting discussions shorter and more productive.
Best regards,
Rob Hoggarth