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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Vint Cerf Introduce Motion to Approve Blueprint

At 27.06.2002 22:55, Lawrence Solum wrote:
>At approximately 11:00 a.m. Bucharest time, Vint Cerf has introduced a 
>resolution to approve the blueprint without any modifications.

The wording is "adopt and endorse".
The structure of the resolution, if I noted it correctly, is
about like this:

Whereas [Stuart Lynn's President's Report]
Whereas [Board action, ERC process]
Whereas [ERC outreach, consultation and analysis]
Whereas [ERC input mechanisms, papers]
Whereas [Blueprint publishing]
Whereas [Blueprint contents]
Whereas [Public participation]
Whereas [Time for implementation]

Therefore it is resolved
-- [adopted and endorses Blueprint and broad]
-- [that ERC oversees implementation and transition
    with continued involvement of community;
    schedule and implementation recommendation at
    next teleconference meeting]
-- [President to provide assistance and resources]
-- [Board takes note of importance of following
    issues and instructs ERC to take due account
    of them in the implementation:
    -- need to emphasize geographic and cultural 
    -- consider the creation of an ALAC
    -- ensure that composition and operation of NomCom
       in fact represents a balance
    -- collaborate with critical infrastructure 
       providers and technical community to further
       establishment of effective working relationships
    -- ensure that policy development processes enhance 
       and promote bottom-up policy development process]
-- [strengthen opportunities of ICANN's capacity to
    fulfill mission]
-- [takes note of ongoing community involvement]

However, the discussion is currently going on.
Best regards,
/// Alexander