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Re: [At-Large] Rules of procedure, draft 2

On 2007-04-11 10:30:39 +0200, Vittorio Bertola wrote:

> I know, but we discussed that and the Committee wanted to make
> all appointments at the same time during the AGM, rather than
> having to anticipate one of them by a month and have to do it
> online. We'll be asking the ICANN legal staff if that would be ok
> with them.

The typical rhythm for appointments throughout ICANN is that they
are effective at the end of the AGM and announced well in advance.

Is there any useful reason at all (except for the committee's whim)
to behave differently?  Among other things, making the appointments
prior to the AGM enables those who are appointed as liaisons to get
a bit of learning time before the appointment becomes effective.

I'd respectfully suggest that you stop wagging the dog with this.

Thomas Roessler   <roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>