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[OGRISH] Statement von ogrish.com zur Datenunterdrückung durch Level3.net

Aus dem ogrish.com Forum

German Government Tries to Censor Ogrish.com
To whom it may concern,

It has recently come to our attention that several thousand European
visitors have been denied access to Ogrish.com and we've received many
complaints by visitors worried that we are blocking them.

Initially, we believed this to be due to a temporary technical
problem, however now—three weeks later—Ogrish.com is still blocked.
After thorough investigation, we concluded that a German organization
called "Jugendschutz.net" has been pressuring the American IP Carrier
Level3 to block access to the Ogrish.com IP.

Not only are many German ISPs affected by this unjust action, but ISPs
in other European countries, such as Holland, France and Poland, are
also being denied access.

This action is outright censorship and is not justified. Everything
that can be seen on Ogrish.com is included in everyday life—it's grim
reality presented in an unbiased way. Nobody is forced to look at this
material and to discourage accidental viewing by sensitive or underage
visitors, we have established a warning and age verification page for
first time visitors. We may even consider a German-language warning
page. However, please remember that limiting underage access to adult
material is the responsibility of parents—and there's sufficient
software to aid parents in this endeavor.

With the nature of the Internet and free speech, it is up to the
population to decide whether or not to visit Ogrish.com—the government
should not make that decision for them.

Germany is trying very hard to shut us down and the "Jugendschutz.net"
organization previously contacted our advertisers and payment systems
to try to do as much damage done as possible.

Obviously we will fight against these ridiculous actions.



Offensichtlich besteht hier verständliche Verwirrung um die
nichtvorhandenen Zuständigkeiten (bzw. hoheitlichen Aufgaben) des
"Schund und Schmutz" Vereins jugendschutz.net; dazu trägt dieser
selbst jedoch bekanntermassen auch in Deutschland in starkem Masse