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FROM my father I received the best inheritance, namely a "good temper."
"And who was my father?" That has nothing to do with the good temper; but I
will say he was lively, good-looking round, and fat; he was both in
appearance and character a complete contradiction to his profession. "And
pray what was his profession and his standing in respectable society?" Well,
perhaps, if in the beginning of a book these were written and printed, many,
when they read it, would lay the book down and say, "It seems to me a very
miserable title, I don't like things of this sort." And yet my father was
not a skin-dresser nor an executioner; on the contrary, his employment
placed him at the head of the grandest people of the town, and it was his
place by right. He had to precede the bishop, and even the princes of the
blood; he always went first,- he was a hearse driver!

but get him to talk, he has plenty to say.  His reading has done him 

which is some of the best land in the country.  I grant you,