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The Demon's face was frowning and indignant He made a motion to rise, but thought better of it and sank back in his chairAs for the Garment of Protection, resumed the boy, after a pause, I've worn it for the last time, and here it is, at your service I'll put the Electric Tube with it
Not that these are such very bad things in themselves, but I'll have none of your magical contrivances I'll say this, however: if all armies were equipped with Electrical Tubes instead of guns and swords the world would be spared a lot of misery and unnecessary bloodshed
Perhaps in time; but that time hasn't arrived yet You might have hastened it, said the Demon, sternly, if you had been wise enough to use your powers properly
That's just it, answered Rob I'm NOT wise enough
Nor is the majority of mankind wise enough to use such inventions as yours unselfishly and for the good of the world