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RE: [council] News Alert -- Toronto Presentations Published

A few comments below Mike.

Adrian Kinderis

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Thanks Glen.

Just curioius, when is the next regional meeting of the non-contracting
parties scheduled?  Many of us would be very interested to have some of
these same discussions and staff presentations, without the contracting
parties around.  Such meetings might surely enhance knowledge and foster
better cooperation between ICANN and its NON-contracted stakeholders.

AK >> You would all have to be funded to go right ;) I do agree that the 
meetings should be more open and should have been broadcast for greater 
participation. It is my opinion that they should not be termed North American 
Ry/Rr Meetings but potentially "Registry/ Registrar Updates". I think it is 
important to hold these meetings to discuss topics specific to these groups.

Really, are these regional meetings really necessary when there are 3 ICANN
meetings a year already?  And the contracting parties constantly and
ubiquitously complaining about travel funding for ICANN Staff and

AK >> As I said above, I believe they are - especially at this time of flux. 
For the record I do not believe the Registrars have an issue with the funding 
of staff travel.

Also, no mention of the Afilias-sponsored Major League Baseball game in this
note, but is it a conflict of interest for contract parties to provide perks
to ICANN Staff?  (I presume some were sponsored, but I do not know.)  If so,
should they be publicly disclosed somewhere?  Is there a policy on that?
Just curious, as it seems there ought to be one if there's not.

AK >>This is a concern. I would assume only Registrars (the clients of Afilias) 
were invited. If any ICANN staff attended I would agree that it is 
inappropriate. I note that whenever there have been dinners or gatherings in 
the past that ICANN staff have always paid their way. Perhaps someone from 
staff could elaborate here.


Mike Rodenbaugh
Rodenbaugh Law
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San Francisco, CA  94104

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Toronto Presentations Published

25 August 2009

On 20-21 August 2009, ICANN hosted its North American Registry/Registrar
Regional Event in Toronto, Ontario. Remote participation for the event was
made available via Adobe Connect and an audio conference bridge. 

The regional event model was introduced in 2006 as a means to inform and
educate gTLD registries and ICANN-accredited registrars about ICANN
activities and processes that may impact their operations. These events also
broaden participation in the ICANN multi-stakeholder governance model for
registry and registrar staff members who do not generally attend ICANN's
annual public meetings. ICANN subject matter experts facilitated discussions
on issues such as gTLD registry continuity, contractual compliance, new
gTLDs, GNSO policy activities, security initiatives, the 2009 Registrar
Accreditation Agreement, and the terminated registrar transition process.
Such discussions enhance knowledge and foster better cooperation between
ICANN and its contracted stakeholders. 

The Toronto event also featured a session on registry/registrar areas of
interest that was facilitated by David Maher, Chair, Registry Constituency,
and Mason Cole, Chair, Registrar Constituency. The chairs co-led a
discussion about how the two groups might work better together on joint
areas of interest such as electing leaders for the GNSO Council and engaging
in discussions when new registry service requests, submitted via the
Registry Services Evaluation Process (RSEP), have the potential to impact

In the interest of transparency, the presentations are being made public. 

The following information is available about the event: 

*       Master PPT presentation:
[PDF, 11,100K] 
*       New gTLDs:
9-en.pdf [PDF, 369K] 




Thursday 20 August 09

Friday 21 August 09


gTLD Registry Continuity Plan Workshop
- Patrick Jones (pages 3-33) 

Contractual Compliance
- Stacy Burnette (pages 84-96) 



New RAA Implementation - Tim Cole 


Core Planning Team Meeting/Registry Data Escrow - Patrick Jones 




Registry/Registrar Dialogue
nto-20aug09-en.pdf>  - David Maher and Mason Cole 


Welcome/Introductions/Key Messages - Craig Schwartz/Tim Cole 


ICANN Policy
- Margie Milam (pages 38-75) 


Registry Presentations





Registry Presentations

Registrar Constituency Update
toronto-20aug09-en.pdf>  - Mason Cole


Terminated Registrar Transition Process - Mike Zupke

- Yurie Ito (pages 103-134) 






New gTLDs
09-en.pdf>  - Kurt Pritz

National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance
(NCFTA) (pages 136-155) 





Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat