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[council] Proposed Motion on joint ALAC/GNSO Drafting Team

Motion on joint ALAC/GNSO Drafting team
Proposed by Avri Doria


On March 4 2009 (Resolution 20090304-2)the GNSO council committed to "drafting a registrant rights charter" in cooperation the ALAC and

As part of the same resolution (20090304-2) the GNSO council committed to creating a "drafting Team to discuss further amendments to the RAA and to identify those on which further action may be desirable"


The GNSO accepts the charter defined in http://gnso.icann.org/drafts/raa-drafting-team-charter-03sep09-en.pdf with the deliverables and milestones as set out in that charter and invites the ALAC to participate as a partner in this effort.

The drafting team, at its next meeting, will pick a pair of coordinators, one each from the At-Large Community and the GNSO.