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Re: [council] Whois "misrepresentation study" meeting


Yes, I am listening to it now. And it does appear to be an experts only by-invitation only meeting for the purpose you mention.

I wonder though, since the studies have grown beyond their original proposers, whether the range of voices at the meeting was adequate. I also wonder whether it is is appropriate for there to be meetings held with some participants in a council activity without others at least being informed and given a chance to request an invitation for their experts.

I am grateful that the mp3 was made available so at least thee is some transparency into the process.


On 18 Aug 2009, at 11:45, Tim Ruiz wrote:

I believe this was the call with study proposers to give an overview of
the RFP that would be used to do an analysis of the Subject study. So
likely only relevant proposers were invited.


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Just found this in the calendar.
Was this meeting announced?
Did it have an agenda?

Was it an open meeting, as all GNSO meetings are unless specifically
closed over personal privacy concerns, or was it by invitation only?

If I knew of this and it just did not register, I apologize, but I
really do not know what it was about.

I will listen to the audio, but am looking for some context.