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[council] Re: DOODLE / GNSO Council Restructuring drafting team / next call

Title: Re: DOODLE / GNSO Council Restructuring drafting team / next call
I’m taking this to the Council list because, although Adrian responded to a restructuring DT message, he makes a point which I feel we absolutely must address.

I fully understand his reluctance to participate in calls in the middle of the night (Australian time). Our duties as GNSO Councillors already take up a huge amount of time and effort which detracts us from our “normal” working lives and I don’t think anyone can be expected to stay up for meetings during at nights or the wee hours of the morning.

This is obviously a bigger problem for Asia Pac reps as our meeting times are manageable for Europe or the USA. But it is a problem for the Council as a whole nonetheless, as these are Councillors which are often unable to carry out their duties as much as they would like.

I don’t have a solution to this oft discussed problem, but I just wanted to add my voice of support to Adrian and Councillors who find themselves in the same bind - as long as this support doesn’t lead to meetings being scheduled at times which are convenient to them but not to us of course ;-)


Le 18/08/09 03:19, « Adrian Kinderis » <adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

I have completed the Doodle (but I am not sure why I bother).
For the record, whilst I am of course interested in participating (and it is my duty as a Councillor) I will continually reject meeting times that impact my ability to perform my work at 100% (i.e. I will not participate in any calls between 11pm and 6am local time).

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Dear All,

In order to schedule the next GNSO Council Restructuring drafting team, please complete the attached Doodle poll.


We will confirm the date and time once everyone has completed this.

The poll will close on Wednesday at 1200 UTC.

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