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[council] Changes in LAC (NCUC)


Like Harold, I resign from the GNSO. :)

In the elections, Gabriel Piñeiro has been elected as new LAC representantive and rep. in the Council and put some "latin blood"...

Only four words for all of you, in special to Glen: Thank you for all. It has been an honor serve in the Name Council in this "reform-time"

I take the words from Harold: "have been impressed by the hard work, dedication and professionalism of my colleagues on the Names Council, and fully expect that the new representatives from the NCUC will continue to make significant contributions to the ICANN process."

All of you work hard for the new icann, and try to make the system the best for all, in this new information society, you (each of you) are like "san paul" with the "good news", to this world.

See you

Erick Iriarte Ahon