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[council] WHOIS report vote

Dear Bruce,

I have just listened to the recording again and have extracted this from the
minutes and it is certain that you put the whole report to the vote and the
vote is as mentioned below.
The motion did not include a requirement to delay implementation until
privacy was dealt with.

I will arrange for a replay at the meeting.
Kind regards

>      Bruce Tonkin proposed voting on the entire WHOIS Task Force Final
>      report which includes 4 consensus policy recommendations.
>      (1) At least annually, a registrar must present to the
> Registrant the
>      current WHOIS information, and remind the registrant
> that provision of
>      false WHOIS information can be grounds for cancellation
> of their domain
>      name registration. Registrants must review their WHOIS
> data, and make
>      any corrections.
>      (2) When registrations are deleted on the basis of
> submission of false
>      contact data or non-response to registrar inquiries, the
> redemption
>      grace period -- once implemented -- should be applied.
> However, the
>      redeemed domain name should be placed in registrar hold
> status until
>      the registrant has provided updated WHOIS information to the
>      registrar-of-record.
>      (3) Use of bulk access WHOIS data for marketing should not be
>      permitted. The Task Force therefore recommends that the
> obligations
>      contained in the relevant provisions of the RAA be modified to
>      eliminate the use of bulk access WHOIS data for
> marketing purposes. The
>      obligation currently expressed in section of the
> RAA could, for
>      instance, be changed to read as follows (changed
> language underlined):
>      "Registrar's access agreement shall require the third
> party to agree
>      not to use the data to allow, enable, or otherwise support any
>      marketing activities, regardless of the medium used.
> Such media include
>      but are not limited to e-mail, telephone, facsimile,
> postal mail, SMS,
>      and wireless alerts."
>      The bulk-access provision contained in of the
> RAA would then
>      become inapplicable.
>      (4). Section of the Registrar Accreditation
> Agreement currently
>      describes an optional clause of registrars' bulk access
> agreements,
>      which disallows further resale or redistribution of bulk
> WHOIS data by
>      data users. The use of this clause shall be made mandatory.
>      It is noted that the rest of the report is not meant to
> be new binding
>      consensus policy.
>      The motion was carried with 21 votes in favour and 3
> votes against. The
>      votes against were registered by Eung Hwi Chun, Harold
> Feld, and Erick
>      Iriarte.
>      Decision 4: Final Report of theWHOIS Task Force with the
> four consensus
>      policy recommendations was accepted by the GNSO Council
> and will be
>      forwarded to the ICANN Board.
>      Bruce Tonkin thanked the two WHOIS task force co-chairs
> and all the
>      task force members for the tens of thousands of work
> hours put into the
>      report.