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RE: [council] Updated list of questions for the candidates in the GNSO teleconference on 11 March

Since we are adding substantive questions (which I do not believe we
should), but in the hopes of being comprehensive of other issues, including
technical ones, I would propose the following:

1)  What thoughts, if any, do you have about the contracting process of new
TLDs that commenced in November of 2000?

2)  Thoughts on Internationalized Domain Names from both a technical and
policy perspective.  More specifically on how the service is currently being
offered and suggestions for future deployment of IDNs in the gTLD space.

3)  Thoughts on the Domain Name transfers.  Comments on Task Force work and
suggestions for improvements on current processes. 

4) Thoughts on Registrar Deletions and methods to improve the deletion
process (both from a technical and policy perspective).


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GNSO teleconference on 11 March

Hello All,

I have received further suggested questions from council members.  Here is
the current list of questions with slight modifications to the suggestions:

Question 1

(1) Please explain how you meet the selection criteria for ICANN Board

Question 2

(2) Please explain how you as an ICANN Board member would assist ICANN to
achieve it's Mission over the next 2 years, consistent with its core values.

Question 3

(3) Please identify any potential conflicts of interest (for example
relationships with parties, such as registries and registrars, that are in
contractual relationships with ICANN), and explain how you will deal with
these conflicts in the course of your duties as an ICANN Board director.

Question 4

(4) What do you consider to be the three key priority areas for ICANN over
the next 12 months?

Question 5

(5) To demonstrate your understanding of key issues before ICANN, please
provide a short overview of the main community points of view on the
following topics (e.g major arguments by different parties involved in
- addition of new TLDs
- accuracy of WHOIS data, and privacy concerns regarding the display of
WHOIS data
- relationship of ICANN to Governments, particularly the US Dept of Commerce
- outcome of the reform process

Bruce Tonkin