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icannatlarge.com meeting in Bucharest

Dear all,

I was at the Bucharest At Large meeting; James Love 
has already posted something, I'll add my notes.

The discussion regarding icannatlarge.com -- as you know
James Love has resigned from the elected Interim Steering
Panel -- is more an issue of priorities than a matter of
anyone clinging onto their power (what power anyway?).

James Love emphasizes the temporary nature of the Interim
Steering Panel and wants to hold elections as soon as
possible to avoid the panellists being called "panelsquatters"
in analogy to certain interim Board members [aside: Hans
Kraaijenbrink introduced himself ironically as "ICANN 
Boardsquatter" at the cross-constituency meeting]. Vittorio
Bertola, Izumi Aizu and Wolfgang Kleinwaechter -- the
panel members present in Bucharest -- put the emphasis
(to varying degrees) on the task of the panellists to
put some structure in place. The view seems to be that
the panellists should at least present draft bylaws for
icannatlarge.com so that people know what they're actually
voting on. To make this possible, this has to happen before
the election takes place.

When the /unelected/ interim panel organized icannatlarge.com's
*first* election (where those mentioned above were elected),
the 90 days rule was designed with the thought that the 
organization might grow considerably in a short period of time
after the *first* election. The 90 days are of course set
somewhat arbitrarily. I understand both points of view that
were presented at the meeting, but I would have preferred
if this could have been resolved without resignations.
It's hard to organize elections and draft bylaws (with public
participation!) in a very limited amount of time and with
only a few panel members. However, I believe this is what
at least those remaining panellists present in Bucharest
intend to do: Work as fast as possible towards elections
*and* bylaws. 

I hope these short notes give those 99.9% not in Bucharest
an idea of the discussions regarding icannatlarge.com.

Best regards,
/// Alexander