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[PATCH] incorporating inline into pgp menu

Around this time last year I posted a patch which incorporates inline
(traditional) as an option in the pgp menu.  As the patch has been in
use by myself (and others) for nearly a year, as well as being part of
the mutt-devel freebsd port for six months, I thought it might be time
to repost the patch in the hopes it would be merged into the mutt
distribution.  Here again is the list of changes:

    - add an "(i)nline" option to the pgp-menu
      - update all translations to include appropriate option
        (and remove old references to (m)ic algorithm)

    - add "(inline)" qualifier to the crypt line(s) in the compose menu
      (e.g., "PGP: Signed (inline)")
      - similarly, "(PGP/MIME)" is the (default) qualifier otherwise

    -  make sign, encrypt, inline options toggles in pgp menu
       - both is a special case where if s/e are both set they are cleared,
         but if neither/only one is set then both are set

    - add support for inline flag in X-Mutt-PGP header so postponed
      messages can maintain their inline state

    - introduce pgp_replyinline boolean (default no)
      - when set, this option will (attempt) to reply to inline (traditional)
        messages as inline (traditional)

    - introduce pgp_autoinline boolean (default no)
      - when set, this option will (attempt) to send messages as
        inline (traditional)

    - change pgp_create_traditional to a synonym for pgp_autoinline
      - warning: this changes pgp_create_traditional from a quad
        variable to a boolean. since traditional/inline choice is
        permitted in the pgp menu (and the mime_ask option below
        has been added), it seemed superfluous keeping this a quad

    - introduce pgp_mime_ask quad option (default no)
      - this variable controls whether PGP/MIME is used when inline
        (traditional) would fail (for any reason)

The patch can be found here (head revision patch):


The patch is also available for 1.4.1.

Comments welcome.