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Permit me to solicit your assistance on this transaction with
My name is Hans Berger citizen of Germany, I am a staff of
Deutsche bank in germany.
As one of the auditors of the bank, I happen to find out that
there is an unclaimed fund of 19.4M. in one of our customer
account for more than ten years and our banking law stipulates
that any unclaimed fund for more than 12years will go
into the bank revenue as an unclaimed fund.
I and my colleagues have made our own personal inquiries about
the depositor and the next of kin but sadly,the depositor and
his entire family died in a plane crash in the year 1999.
We solicit that you stand as the next of kin so that the money
will be transfered to your account or any other account you
may provide for us.
We propose that the money be shared as follows 30% for you,
60% for my colleagues and I while 10% will be for any expences
we may incure.
I awaits your urgent reply while believing you do understan
the confidential nature of this transaction.
Best Regards,
Note:pls for the confidentiality of this transaction foward
your reply to the below email address.