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[ga] Letter from Rome - Ruling the net from CircleID - Attn. Susan Crawford

All former DNSO GA members or other interested stakeholders/users,
especially Susan,

  From  http://www.circleid.com/article/510_0_1_0_C/

 It seems that some folks have not been closely following ICANN's
seedy and unseemly history regarding DNS in particular, given the
content of this "letter" on CircleID.

  ICANN has been in allot of trouble with it's attempt to manage
the DNS as well as other areas of the internet sense nearly it's
conception, and at least sense 1999.  Hence I found Susans
defecting style in this "Letter" from the Rome ICANN conference
a bit suspicious.  Several of our members attending in Rome
as well as many others in attendance have a very different view.

  ICANN has botched nearly every thing it has attempted to
impose or recommend to DOC/NTIA.  It has been found guilty
in a civil case involving how it handles it's finances, and again is
under siege again for it's poor policy making exercises regarding
DNS management.  It is our members and legal staff's opinion that
the law suits will not only continue, but become much more
serious in nature...

  It has long been time to dump ICANN as many have called for
and written their congressmen and women and some of those
congressmen have some time ago also recommended.


Jeffrey A. Williams
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