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Re: [ga] read together

While I was more leaning toward the afilias group - certainly they are really controlled by the same folks as Verisign. IANA would seem to be analagous to the bookkeepers in the good old Valentines Day massacre days.
In some countries, the stability and security of telecommunications is an issue of national security.  Subversive conspiracies to destabilize for a foreign objective would be considered something like a terrorist gang.  The use of state courts to aid in such diabolical schemes are nothing new to RICO prosecutors.

Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hugh and all former DNSO GA members or other interested

I am not sure whom you are indirectly referring to. Could you be more

specific? If not, why not? In any event you always have the right to
a legal action and/or complaint with the DOJ should you know of or
illegal activity...

Hugh Dierker wrote:

> If you read the last several posts here and put the concepts
> together it would appear that there is a small group of interests that
> are engaging in a conscious effort to deny others of their rights by
> organizing together for that purpose and using threats and violating
> laws to achieve their illegal objectives.
> I would hate to be on a board that spearheaded and acted like a
> "Godfather" to these types of actions.
> e


Jeffrey A. Williams

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