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Re: [ga] Comments submitted to New gTLDs Evaluation team : Section 2

Thank you for this study. Impressive work.

If this document may still be reviewed, I would suggest that you also address the normal case of a TLD which would comply with RFC 920 principles. This could be a network of users, or could be registrants, forming their own multiorganization TLD with no commercial intents in mind (at least in term of domain name sales). With absolutely no interest in the ICANN's registrar system. With a cost to ICANN (as documented by the Linux community in the past) of $ 12: $ 5 to open the letter, $ 5 to add the data in the root file and $ 2 for ICANN charities (permitting them to claim for tax exemptions).


At 13:33 22/02/04, Richard Henderson wrote:
This is a copy of my proposals, listed after my comments (which have been posted separately as Section 1) submitted to Miriam Sapiro and Sebastien Bachollet: