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[ga] Re: [CRIS Info] Protest by IPS to ITU re Terra Viva

Sean and all,

 I and our members are in agreement with you on your orgs letter and
the very poor record of the Tunisian human right record.  It also amazing
and particularly concerning that ICANN will be holding their next
meeting in Tunisia.  One can only surmise that ICANN and the ITU
are using Tunisia's poor human right record to suppress independent press
and stakeholders/users.  This is particularly concerning and inappropriate
behavior in ICANN's case, for a USG contracted agent.

  Of course the ITU's checkered history speaks volumes for itself...

Sean O Siochru wrote:

> Hi
> The following is a letter sent by IPS (InterPress Service) to ITU Secretary
> General following the removal of many hundreds of their independent
> newspapers, Terra Viva, by Tunisians trying to suppress criticism of their
> government.  The same people were disrupting meetings critical of the
> Tunisian human rights record, including at our own World Forum on
> Communication Rights.
> If this is just a foretaste of what civil society and free speech can
> expect at Tunis, then we are in for a struggle.
> We should also not forget the appalling (and frankly ridiculous) actions of
> 'security' at the Summit last week in confiscating materials (leaflets,
> posters etc.) critical of the Summit and associated with the peaceful
> activities outside.
> Sean
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