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Re: [ga] 28 more TLDs for the Proof-of-Concept Market Trials

On Dec 13, 2003, at 8:42 AM, Jim Fleming wrote:

In some cases, two companies are providing the needed TLD clusters. A third company often provides the needed SLD servers. For the IPv4 legacy Internet, one needs to make sure that they get their SLD servers registered with both of the TLD cluster operators for ultra reliability. That is often a chicken-and-egg problem because one can not easily register without first having SLD servers. That is now much easier with the Resellers stepping in to boot-strap the process. In some cases, they not only provide the SLD servers, but they also take the next step and provide URL redirects or the complete web-hosting solution
for names that are used for that purpose.


New.net's chief income is not from sales of "domain names". It's browser search hijacking, information collection and getting paid to bundle other apps in it's monthly "put anything we want on your computer" software "upgrade".



Pretty much the way the "keyword" sellers work too.