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Re: [ga] Replacements for VeriSign registry?

On Dec 12, 2003, at 9:06 PM, Karl Auerbach wrote:

(At the other end of the spectrum, ICANN's arbitrary rule that
registrations can't be shorter than one year has eliminated the possibly
of registries that deal in short-terms names, such as might be used for
movies or candidates or parties or other ephemerial stuff.)

The .nz registry offers short periods (3 months, 6 months and others IIRC).

(These minimum and maximum periods were adopted with zero discussion, zero
debate, zero justification, zero explaination, zero anything.)

Much like the 60 day no-transfer rule on new registrations. What happens if you discover the registrar doesn't provide the service it promised? You're stuck in registrar-hell for the first 60 days.