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Re: [ga] ICANN Ombudsman??

Michael and all former DNSO GA members or other interested stakeholders/users,

  The subject line of this thread seems to be not in line with your comments
and/or remarks, Michael...

  However, history of this BoD will not be determined by time alone,
but by here and now, and the stakeholders/users. They have spoken,
have been speaking, will continue to speak out against what much this
ICANN BoD has been advocating, doing, and not doing.  They also
shall be doing themselves as is evident by some of the less developed
nations and Stakeholders/users have recently been attempting to do
via the UN and ITU, although unwisely in our members majority

 So the "Flying pigs/ICANN BoD" are still winging their way
along.  But like the pidgions in my barn, when they leave to
many/much of their odorous calling cards, I take my shotgun
out of its case, load it up and start thinning or eliminating the flock.  >;)

Michael D. Palage wrote:

> George:
> Disclosure - I am not speaking on behalf of the Board.
> Answers to your questions:
> 1) Despite the acknowledged unpopularity of the service, I think the
> previous ICANN Board got it right. I do not believe they had the authority
> to unreasonably withhold approval of the service. I think the recent
> California decision supports this conclusion. Coming from the registrar
> constituency, the eventual implementation of the WLS will have a negative
> impact on all registrars, small/medium/large, but VeriSign has a contractual
> right to offer this new service.
> 2) Because of the unresolved nature of the SiteFinder issue, I will defer
> commenting on the specifics of your request.
> 3) I will talk to Terri about the Pool.com lawsuit. However, I was able to
> get it online from pool.com's website if I am not mistaken. The fact that
> the material is available online I believe mitigates the fact that ICANN is
> trying to hide anything. Looking at the website I didn't see any of the
> Davies litigation either. I will see what can be done to help get the
> documents online.
> 4) Do not know about this one. Give me a couple of days to look into.
> George, the new Board is evolving and heading in the right direction. I know
> there are a lot of skeptics out there that have a lot of reasons not to
> believe me. I guess history will be the ultimate judge if I was a
> constructive Board director or sheep. However, anyone that knows me knows
> that I am not a sheep :-)
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage
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> Hello,
> --- "Michael D. Palage" <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am always listening :-)
> How about more "doing", in addition to the "listening"? Here's a list
> of things that need to be done (some easier than others, but all fairly
> straightforward, and popular):
> 1) Observe the consensus in the GNSO, and abandon WLS. Everyone makes
> mistakes, and ICANN Board's acknowledgement that it erred would 1) save
> a lot of legal fees, and 2) gain popularity and greater faith that
> "bottoms-up consensus building" isn't just marketing spin.
> 2) Force VeriSign to return the audited gross revenues from SiteFinder
> 3) Post the Pool.com lawsuit material (made a low priority if #1 above
> is observed).
> 4) Publish the annual reports of VeriSign Registry's R&D, as per
> Appendix W of the agreement:
> http://www.icann.org/tlds/agreements/verisign/registry-agmt-appw-com-16apr01
> .htm
> (where they pledged to spend $200 million on Universal WHOIS, etc.)
> 5) ..... (others can fill this in, probably stuff like elected Board
> members, At-Large, etc.)
> 6) .....
> > Although I may not always agree with you and the other GA members
> > I am listening, because much like yourself I will be returning
> > to my humble origins with the huddled masses in the not
> > to distance future.
> What better way to go out than in a blaze of glory, having accomplished
> something? :) The Board members who act like sheep and "huddled" in
> fear are forgotten pretty quickly, as they're essentially anonymous
> slaves! Better to not be on the Board than be a slave. Whether one
> agrees or disagrees with Karl's positions on individual issues (I know
> I respectfully disagree with him on some), at least he displayed
> independent thought, and engaged the public in his decision-making.
> Sincerely,
> George Kirikos
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