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Re: [ga] ICANN Ombudsman??

Michael and all former DNSO GA members or other stakeholders/users,

  Listening is good, doing is better, and doing what the stakeholders/users
desire or want is what is necessary and is what a non-profit public
benefit corp. is supposed to do and in ICANN's case mandated to do.
It has failed to do so far too often and too egregiously/harmfully.
As such your brief evaluation of  "I think things are heading in the
right direction.", defies reality...

  Thank you for lending  your ear and eyes in your "Listening" Michael.
I for one have taken note.   The directors that may read ICANNWatch
doesn't seem to have been adequately impressionable upon them or
had the impression that was intended and needed...

> Karl:
> I am always listening :-)
> Although this email may get a "When Pigs Fly Icon" on ICANNWatch, I think
> things are heading in the right direction.
> In fact I was surprised by the number of directors that read ICANNWatch to
> hear what the people are saying. Although I may not always agree with you
> and the other GA members I am listening, because much like yourself I will
> be returning to my humble origins with the huddled masses in the not to
> distance future.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage
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> On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Sandy Harris wrote:
> > > I find it interesting that he said folks can go to an ICANN ombudsman.
> I found the ombudsman "reform" to be laughable.
> Every one of ICANN's directors has the power to be an ombudsman - in fact
> every one of ICANN's directors has not merely the irrevocable legal power,
> but also the fiduciary obligation to inquire into the proper operation of
> ICANN, the corporation.
> Unfortunately ICANN's directors, by and large, have been inexcusably
> passive with regard to their duties and to matters that protect the
> interests of the community of internet users.
> In any accountable organization, those for whose benefit the corporation
> exists - in ICANN's case this is "the public" - would have the power to
> elect a new, responsive board.  A responsive board would obviate an
> ombudsman.
> ICANN's ombudsman is nothing but a fig leaf.  It goes along with ICANN's
> other fig leaves - such as the fictional story that ICANN "oversees" the
> net when in fact it has no power over IP address allocations or the stable
> operation of any root server except IANA's.
>                 --karl--


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