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RE: [ga] ICANN Ombudsman??


--- "Michael D. Palage" <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am always listening :-)

How about more "doing", in addition to the "listening"? Here's a list
of things that need to be done (some easier than others, but all fairly
straightforward, and popular):

1) Observe the consensus in the GNSO, and abandon WLS. Everyone makes
mistakes, and ICANN Board's acknowledgement that it erred would 1) save
a lot of legal fees, and 2) gain popularity and greater faith that
"bottoms-up consensus building" isn't just marketing spin.

2) Force VeriSign to return the audited gross revenues from SiteFinder

3) Post the Pool.com lawsuit material (made a low priority if #1 above
is observed).

4) Publish the annual reports of VeriSign Registry's R&D, as per
Appendix W of the agreement:


(where they pledged to spend $200 million on Universal WHOIS, etc.)

5) ..... (others can fill this in, probably stuff like elected Board
members, At-Large, etc.)

6) .....

> Although I may not always agree with you and the other GA members
> I am listening, because much like yourself I will be returning
> to my humble origins with the huddled masses in the not
> to distance future.

What better way to go out than in a blaze of glory, having accomplished
something? :) The Board members who act like sheep and "huddled" in
fear are forgotten pretty quickly, as they're essentially anonymous
slaves! Better to not be on the Board than be a slave. Whether one
agrees or disagrees with Karl's positions on individual issues (I know
I respectfully disagree with him on some), at least he displayed
independent thought, and engaged the public in his decision-making.


George Kirikos