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RE: [council] Updates: Geo Regions - ccNSO - Travel drafting team

Thanks Olga. Helpful.


Adrian Kinderis


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Subject: [council] Updates: Geo Regions - ccNSO - Travel drafting team


these are the updates for ccnso, geo regions and travel drafting team.
I will update this report on Monday after the first conference call of the IDN PDP Wolking Group, if needed.

ccNSO update:

IDN PDP Working Group will have its first conference call on Monday 31 August. I will send an update about this meeting before the GNSO conference call on Thursday.

ccNSO is working in defining their agenda for the Seoul Meeting.

Geo Regions:

The innitial Working Group is available for public comments. It attempts to identify the various applications and functions to which “ICANN Geographic Regions” are currently applied by existing ICANN structures.

35 days period of public comments ends on 4 September.


Travel Drafting Team:

Travel drafting team did not reach agreement on whether some retiring councelors should be funded to attend the Seoul meeting or not.

In relation with the question of having additional support for retiring councelors, Kevin Wilson informed us that ICANN is constrained by travel Gidelines.
He suggested that if GNSO decides to request additional support, we should submit the request and if the budget impact is small, ICANN may be able to support.
If the budget impact is significant, ICANN would need to consider what process and approvals need to be pursued.

A face to face meeting of the travel drafting team will be scheduled with ICANN staff during the ICANN Seoul meeting. Once the date and time are established, this information will be sent to the drafting team list.