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VoMM: Taking browser exploits to the next level

Exploits for browser vulnerabilities are here to stay.
Most security products today are using reactive methods (signatures)
to detect the specific exploit, instead of trying to detect the
general case of the vulnerability exploitation. I already demonstrated
that evading those signatures is very easy.

H.D. Moore, LMH, and I have decided to generalize the evasion methods
and package them all into one project.

Introducing: VoMM (eVade-o-Matic Module for metasploit) - Taking
browser exploits to the next level.
The purpose of this project is to create a module for Metasploit that
will take any given browser exploit and make it as undetectable as

Currently, most Anti-Viruses signatures relies on "variants". Meaning,
any little change in the malicious code is considered by the AV as a
new variant.
The VoMM project shows that this procedure cannot be applied to
browser exploits, as each exploit can have endless number of
"variants" with no change to the server side code.


-- Aviv.