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Vulnerability in Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.3.*

| RST/GHC >> Coppermine << ADVISORY       |
| Product: Coppermine Photo Gallery       |
| Version: 1.3.x                          |
| URL: http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/ |

[Product Description]
"Coppermine Photo Gallery is a picture gallery script. Users can upload 
with a web browser (thumbnails are created on the fly), rate pictures, add 
comments and send e-cards. The admins can manage the galleries and batch add 
pictures that have been uploaded on the server by FTP. Support for multimedia 
files has been added recently" (from official site description).
The lack of sanitizing of user defined variables may result in undesirable 
consequences such as IP spoofing or XSS attack.     

Generally users of Coppermine Gallery can post comments. Remote address & 
x-forwarded-for variables are logged for admin's eyes.
X-Forwarded-for variable does not pass throu any filtration before logging into 
database. User can define/redefine this variable.

Vulnerable script:  include/init.inc.php
         $hdr_ip = stripslashes($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']);
     } else {
         $hdr_ip = $raw_ip;

User with access to comments module can spoof x-forwarded-for variable and 
realize XSS attack (as example to get admin's cookie).