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RE: [Full-Disclosure] SMC Router safe Login in plaintext

I worked for an ISP that did not store passwords in the clear so we had to
do all kinds of verification then all we could do is reset the password.
All we had exposed to us in the clear was the last two characters (we didn't
even know how long the password was).  This is a fairly big nationwide ISP
that in my opinion as a person in computer security helped to do it right on
the sides of their clients.


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Every ISP I've ever dealt with stores your password in plaintext.  If
this were not true, they would not be able to tell you what it is.  Just
call support, identify yourself and ask them to change your password for

The risk is that someone else could use your account to access the
Internet.  Apparently that's a risk the ISPs are willing to take.  So
exposing your ISP password in plaintext on your own computer is really
no more of a risk than you are already exposed to.

That's why I use "throwaway" passwords for ISP access.  They're
worthless anyway. 

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I found that the SMC Barricade SMC-7404BRB safe the Login for the
Provider safe in plaintext!!!

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