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[fwd] [IP] Let VeriSign's punishment fit (was: "IAB Commentary: DNS Wildcards") (from: dave@xxxxxxxxxx)

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Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:36:39 -0400
Subject: [IP] Let VeriSign's punishment fit (was: "IAB
  Commentary: DNS Wildcards")
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I agree. djf

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Subject: Let VeriSign's punishment fit (was: "IAB Commentary: DNS 
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A marvel of the new IAB "DNS wildcards commentary" doc is that it managed
to go its entire length without even once using the word "VeriSign"
-- now that's entertainment!  It's an attitude that points up another
serious risk.  Attempting to treat this situation as a purely technical
matter is a diversion onto the road to ruin.

VeriSign's abuse in this matter relates at least as much to
organizational and economic issues as technical ones, with significant
political ramifications as well.  It would be inappropriate, for example,
to let VeriSign simply back out of Site Finder and then proceed with other
business as usual.

What we are experiencing (even as I write this) is a continuing incident
of unmitigated gall, of a severity and risk level never before
seen in the history of major ARPANET/Internet infrastructure providers.
The penalties need to be equally severe and far reaching.

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