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Re: [ga] Draft Declaration of Principles (Last Version 19/09/2003)

Erick and all former DNSO GA members or other interested parties,

  Interesting.  Isn't the ITU the org that charges for access to many
of it's documents online?  Equitable eh?  Hardly...  :/

Erick Iriarte Ahon wrote:

> Hi!
> In:
> http://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-s/md/03/wsispc3/td/030915/S03-WSISPC3-030915-TD-GEN-0001!!PDF-E.pdf
> The Last version of Draft Declarion of Principles.. some interesting articles:
> 2)[1)]  Information and communication infrastructure [:an essential
> foundation for the information society]
> 15.     [17] Connectivity is a central enabling agent in building the
> Information Society. [Universal,] [ubiquitous] [, equitable] and affordable
> access to ICT infrastructure and services, including access to power, and
> postal services, constitutes one of the primary challenges of the
> Information Society and must be an objective of all stakeholders involved
> in building it, in conformity with the domestic legislation of each country.
> 6)      Enabling environment
> 39.     [44.]           [The international management of the Internet should 
> be
> multilateral, transparent and democratic, with the full involvement of
> governments, the private sector, civil society and international
> organizations. It should ensure an equitable distribution of resources,
> facilitate access for all and ensure a stable and secure functioning of the
> Internet, taking into account multilingualism.
> 40.     The management of the Internet encompasses both technical and policy
> issues. The private sector has had and will continue to have an important
> role in the development of the Internet [at the technical level].
> 41.     Policy authority for Internet-related public policy issues should be
> the sovereign right of countries.
> 42.     [Internet issues of an international nature related to public policies
> should be coordinated
> Alternatives:
>         a)      between governments and other interested parties.
>         b)      through/by appropriate intergovernmental organizations under 
> the UN
> framework.
>         c)      as appropriate on an intergovernmental basis.
>         d)      through/by appropriate international organizations.
>         e)      through appropriate and mutually agreed international 
> organizations.]]


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