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[alac] Fwd: [WSIS CS-Plenary] Fourth Unofficial personal report of ad-hoc working group for Internet Governance, Prepcom III, WSIS


From: Chun Eung Hwi <chun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: plenary@xxxxxxxxxxx, <ct@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [WSIS CS-Plenary] Fourth Unofficial personal report of ad-hoc working group for Internet
 Governance, Prepcom III, WSIS
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 22:21:58 +0900 (KST)

I am sorry for not describing the whole scene that is happening in Prepcom
III, but I am only one person who has body imprisoned in physical limit,
which is far away from cyberspace itself. Therefore, please forgive me.
And I have my own personal concern among many issues. That is why I am
concentrating on only this one specific issue of Internet Governance.
Moreover, although many people may not believe my excuse, as a non-English
speaker, my English capacity is not so good. I have much feelings on
Plenary session of Sub-com II, but if I should summarize it as much as I
have done to now, it takes much time.

This morning, as promised yesterday evening session, I tried to attend to
ad-hoc working group of Internet Governance, but the meeting place was not
notified. As I asked the meeting place to other national delegates, they
answered it was very vague yesterday. As a result, morning session was

In the morning main session of Sub-com II, many delegations including the
U.S., Brazil, China expressed that they are waiting for the results of the
above-mentioned working group with respect to internet governance related
action plan items. Immediately after lunch time, the meeting place and
time (14:00) was notified again on the board. So, I attended to that
meeting again. Then, almost half of delegations were present there
compared with yesterday evening session. Maybe, too late notification
might make so. Anyhow, after ten minutes passed away, Chair declared the
opeing. Chair requested five minutes comments from observers.

The first comment was made by private sector. Multi-stakehoder
participation and public-private partnership should be inserted at the
first bullet. And In the 2nd bullet, private sector leadership should be
emphasized in all areas of Internet. We are not talking about the
leadership for development in general, but talking about leadership at the
stage of planning, designing of technical things.

The second comment was made by Mr. Bertrand Chappelle. He suggested to
insert "with the consensus of local internet community" in the third
bullet sentence. (Yesterday he had already proposed to reformulate it.
Today, he coined the concrete words.) And also he pointed out the
intercontradiction of bullet sentence 1 and 4 because 4 is saying that
government's sole while the first bullet sentence is emphasizing the
importance of multi stakeholders.

Yesterday, as finally resolved, the rules of procedure allowed five
minutes presentation from observers and observers should leave during
negotiation, and after the closing negotiation, chair will brief its
outcome to observers. So, private sector person asked when they can get
briefing. The answer of the chair was very vague. It could be immediately
after the agreement among governments. And it might not be easy to guess
when it will come up with for now. Correctly speaking nobody knows it. How
can we know when the briefing will be done? Bertrand's answer to this
interesting question was that we should keep the gate by standing up.

Chair said to request us to leave out generously, but personally it was
felt to be forced by some evil power. Please God, forgive them!

Chun Eung Hwi
General Secretary, PeaceNet | phone:     (+82)  2-2166-2205
Seoul Yangchun P.O.Box 81   |   pcs:     (+82) 019-259-2667
Seoul, 158-600, Korea       | eMail:   chun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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